Martín Palacios

Complying with all obligations in tax, labor, accounting and legal matters could be complex. For this reason, MARTIN PALACIOS CONSULTORES, S.L., offers the possibility of centralizing in our team everything necessary for the proper operation of a business or a professional activity. We have extensive experience in the sector and we dedicate all our efforts in satisfaying the needs of our customers. We maintain a direct and constant relationship with our clients, based on trust on both sides.

Martín Palacios Consultores

Tax Advisory Services and Fiscal Management

Tax advisory service and tax management for companies and individuals. We help you to find the best tax solution adapted to your circumstances, as well as a strict compliance with formal obligations.

Accounting Advice Services

Accounting is the mandatory and necessary tool for the proper functioning of a company. The continued maintenance of accounting is basic to take appropriate decisions at any time during the financial year.

Labor Advisory Services

The labor area requires an updated knowledge of the regulations in force. Therefore, we have specialists dedicated to providing that service, at any time the client could need it.

Commercial Advisory Services

An adequate knowledge of the mercantile laws in force is basic to implement any project and comply with all the formalities required.

Private Banking Services

Our specialists with extensive experience in national and international markets, dedicate full time to the study of markets and financial products, in order to give the best advice to the client.